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Geezers of the Game Podcast

is a tabletop roleplaying discussion show

with interviews, opinions, and a whole lot of fun packed into each and every show!

Why should you want to listen in, well I wish I could point to one thing and say hey listen because we have it! The real truth is that we are all in our mid-forties with kids and busy lives. But through it all we have been friends and gaming for over 30 years and we love to talk about roleplaying almost as much as we love to play.

So, if you love gaming and love talking about it, then join us and listen


in, its free and fun and perhaps we can all put out aging heads together and come up with a great nugget of knowledge!

What you don't know what ttrpgs are?

That gives you an even stronger, better reason to join us and listen in as we talk about what thiss crazy happy making hobby is!

So join us Bi-Monthly for a great time as we cruise the cosmos of gaming, interview fun guests and look to elevate our gaming experience!

- Geezers of the Game

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