Our Story

Picture it a calm summer day 1988, Nathan had just returned from a camping trip with a mutual friend and he was all excited. "I have a great new game for us to play," and that was the day our lives all took on a new direction, a story teller direction. 


Like many other gamers we started out with a makeshift fantasy world, but soon the pandora's box was opened to us and we discovered a treasure trove of game worlds and rules systems. 

For us our first solid long running game was MechWarrior.

Then for the next 25 years we played as a group of 5 guys many homebrew rules and store bought rules. Some of our favorites being West End Games Star Wars which led to several very memorable campaigns.


Whether playing as smugglers, Jedi's or just a rag tag group of nomads we found hours and hours of in game and out of game time enjoyment.

During these years our group of 5 swelled in size to over 8 at times even more with friends of friends wanting to join in the stories that ensued after these grand adventures in my 70's layer, decked out with my evil captain kirk chair that was a midcentury white leather deal with a mind of its own not allowing any to sit in it and still face the group.


Then on September 20, 2002 Fox had a new show that looked interesting, and so my wife and I watched the first episode and recorded it on our fancy VHS recorder that allowed us to skip commercials by producing a blue screen as it fast forwarded.

From that point on Firefly dominated our dreams and our games, and thus began a love affair with a universe as deep as our love for Star Wars. 


Firefly games led to some of the most memorable roleplaying I have ever seen in our group, and although at this point we were only 3 main players we had developed a cast of NPCs that grew into real characters, and the source of many between game writing collaborations. This type of meta gaming led to in game repercussions and powerful backstory arcs that we all enjoyed very much. But this time was a tumultuous time for us as friends and led to a break that lasted several years.

Now days we are all back together and although we live some distance from one another we have several regular games with several new players and of course most of the original players.