Episode 16 - Johnn Four Talks his past, present and future

With a somewhat disappointing and stymied start to Roleplaying games in 1980, Johnn Four ended up encountering the world of TTRPGs over the next few years only to have the DM role thrust upon him which led him to a lifelong obsession with the hobby. In the year 1999 with experience as a website creator, Johnn built the site we all know and love today and started his mailing list to himself and a forged email account he had made for his mother.

Johnn puts the blame for his love of TTRPGs squarely at the feet of Gary Gygax and his early adventures. The writing style was a big lure for Johnn and started his passion for fantasy gaming like Conan, although he does enjoy more than just the swords and sandals genres.

Johnn started RolePlayingTip.com to become a better game master that and as an antisocial introvert he was lonely and wanted to try and figure out how to improve the game. He also, as most of us long time TTRPGers have found, found the hobby to be a fountain of youth as it were, one that would keep you acting young and foolish.

Johnn has had many impressive experiences over the years, like working for BioWare, being on Usenet communities hobnobbing with Roger Moore, and others on the gray hat, Hawk server, and some other communities, but he has had the opportunity to collaborate with me in the early years of his newsletter.

Teaming up with Yokan Lindemann in 2020, Johnn has been able to release even more in-depth topics, books, and courses, like how to craft and run a sequential story that keeps players engaged for years. But he also works hard to make sure the steps allow for game masters' own style and are just clones of his own work.

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