Episode 2: Poking Fun at players

Join Nathan, Ryan and their friend Alex as they all talk about the pitfalls of pleasing your players, and the fine balancing act of writing content all will love as a GM/DM.

On todays show we talked a lot about the pitfalls of unbalanced player pleasing when designing your game encounters.

Some great advise is to have a good idea of the type of game you and your party enjoy playing, are you more of a hack and slash group, or do you enjoy long scenes filled with role playing opportunities. If you have players that are mixed between these two sides of the spectrum then find some balance with opportunities for both, perhaps craft NPCs that have hooks for good roleplaying, but let the players fish them out, and the same is true with battles, make sure that battle is available, but also allow for non-combat solutions, if two players are attempting different paths let them, let them resolve the conflict between their characters in game, but also be mindful that the conflict doesn't escalate to the players.

For more helpful tips keep checking back.

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