Episode 6: Tell me about your mother...

If you are like us, you have probably had to defend your love of tabletop roleplaying more than once as not a childish game, perhaps you have used sports and sports fans as an argument, well no longer! After this episode of Geezers of the Game you will have scientific evidence and examples to share, and no doubt add a little lift to your step knowing you have been right to play all these years.

Join us with our guest on the show today, Dr. Tony Bean as we discuss Geek Therapeutics and all the benefits and warm fuzzies we get from gaming!

At Geek Therapeutics they have a therapy practice where they use ttrpgs, video games, board games and fan fiction to aid in the therapeutic process of their clients. They are a fully accredited continuing education school and have up to 20 clients that they see, ranging from all sorts of different needs.

We encourage you to all go to Geek Therapeutics website and Facebook page and give them a shout out and see how you can help them, perhaps pick up one of their books and if you are a parent we definitely recommend you sign up for their classes to help you use ttrpgs in your parenting at home.

Website: https://www.geektherapeutics.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GeekTherapeutics

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