Episode 7: Your Game Sucks!

Join us as we talk about when good Tabletop Roleplaying game or ttrpg sessions go bad! With Nathan and Ryan is Mark. We dig deep and share our own personal failures.

Some of the biggest failures we have had was due to communication and expectations. Often times as a Gamemaster or Dungeon Master (GM/DM) we forget to say time out when we have no idea what to do next and that is exactly what happened to me with an adventure that involved a 500 person town that the PC were helping relocate in a wagon train style game for a fantasy setting. Because the players started moving in a way that I had no ideas for I pushed through and put up road blocks to prevent them from doing anything I didn't have a plan for. This became very frustrating for the players and for me. It is important to stop and say time out when you need some time to collect your thoughts before moving on, take a bathroom break or snack break.

Another way that can turn a game down the dark path of unfun is when a player isn't cooperating, Mark related his story of playing characters that were built with abilities to keep the gamemaster from hurting him in anyway. This caused games to go quickly south when the players were presented with a challenge the afore mentioned character could bypass the challenge unscathed. This also requires some communication on the part of the GM/DM to say before game time what he wants from the player, if the player doesn't want to trust the GM then they probably shouldn't be playing with the group.

There were some other examples and we encourage you to check out the episode for more.


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